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We pride ourselves on doing things a little differently. So it goes without saying that our team is a little different, too.


Louise Francis


“Keep your heels, head and standards high” – Coco Chanel

A stickler for perfection, many a personality test has told Louise she should have been in the military – where there is order, duty, and diligence. Instead, she threw herself into the glamorous world of marketing where there is a bucket load of creative mayhem and an abundance of “needed it yesterday” deadlines.

Before co-founding the most Fabulatte agency in 2020, Louise has been at the centre of agency life since 2006. Having worked with an array of clients, from large multi-national businesses to smaller SME’s Louise is versatile in her ability to adapt to individual client needs. Her core skills lie in client and project management, consistently delivering a strategic multi-channel approach for business growth.

Plus, it goes without saying, she loves to write scha-mazing content and is rather nifty with an excel spreadsheet too. Oh, and she can easily waste hours on TikTok too! 

Justin Annett


“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” – Jack Canfield 

Justin has been sinking his teeth into strategic marketing and execution for well over 20 years on the client side. He has been responsible for developing strategic and creative marketing plans across the UK & Europe for some of the world’s largest healthcare brands. 

Justin first dived into the agency world with the founding of Fabulatte in 2020 wanting to develop an agency that was focused on the client needs and requirements and not just what an agency wanted you to hear.

A creative and strategic thinker with a passion to support and work with businesses wishing to define and refine their marketing approach, who are wanting to push the boundaries of creative thinking and execution.

When not creating and executing, Justin can be found swimming, cycling, or running around his local area; a passionate triathlete having completed many Olympic distance and Ironman triathlons!

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